Houston Recruitment

If you are a member of the Houston Chi Omega Alumnae Association, you must log in (on the top far right tab of this page) to your member account to see more information on recruitment. Click on "Recruitment Information and Guides" under the Recruitment drop down menu. There you will find helpful infomation pertaining to the recruitment process, including a step-by-step process of submitting a RIF (Recruitment Information Form) online. At the bottom of that same page, you will see a complete listing of Houston area zip codes and private schools supported by the Board. Please note that only alumna in good standing will be able to write a RIF.

If you are not a member of the Houston Chi Omega Alumnae Association, we would love to have you join!! Just email membership@chiomegahouston.com for details. 


1. Chi Omega requires a RIF (Recruitment Information Form) and recommends two (2) letters of support (LOS). Please :cc your LOS to recruitment@chiomegahouston.com.

**Please make sure the PNM (potential new member) knows the difference between a RIF and a LOS. Each year, there is confusion over this. PNM's wind up having multiple RIFs, when only ONE is necessary. That is because alums who think they are supposed to be writing a Letter of Support wind up writing a RIF. Please ask the PNM to clarify exactly what you are supposed to be writing.

2. The PNM can email their required documents and photos to the RIF and LOS writers. Your RIF writer will not be collecting the letters of support. The two LOS writers will email their letter directly to the chapter advisor of the college the PNM will be attending. Everything is done online.

3. The PNM will need to register with the Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association (HAPA) or with the Panhellenic group in her area. The PNM must also register with her college's Panhellenic association, or she will not be permitted to go through Recruitment. For more information, please refer to www.houston-panhellenic.org. Click on the Recruitment Tab, and then click on the “Recruitment Information Guide”. 

4. The national website is the source for an actual RIF form - www.chiomega.com. You must sign in to access the RIF. The RIF is electronically sent to the collegiate chapter and you will receive an confirmation email once it's submitted. Each PNM (potential new member) needs only one (1) RIF and two (2) Letters of Support (LOS). This website will help walk you through the whole process if you join the alumnae association! Membership does indeed have its benefits!!

Questions? Please e-mail recruitment@chiomegahouston.com for further assistance.

Please be advised, regardless of what you hear from the College, the deadline for completing a RIF for the Chi Omega Alumnae Association of Houston is May 1st.  This date applies for universities hosting both Fall and Spring Recruitment.