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Quick Guide to Recruitment




Thank you for taking time to endorse a Potential New Member for membership to Chi Omega Fraternity.

Your recommendations are vital to sustain the quality standard of membership of our Fraternity.

Two Quick Guides follow with details on completing both Recruitment Information Forms (RIF) and a Letters of Support (LOS).

Each PNM should request that a Chi Omega alumna in good standing write 1 (one) RIF on her behalf. Likewise, it is recommended that the PNM request that two different alumnae write a Letter of Support each on her behalf. Thus, 2 (two) Letters of Support are submitted. The LOS is not a national requirement, but a regional convention. Most SEC, Texas and other universities and colleges in the southern and southeastern states request Letters of Support.

There are some important updates for writing and submitting Letters of Support. Please read the revised procedures / information below closely.

Regardless of what a PNM may hear at her university or from her peers, all recruitment documents are due by MAY 1.



 The Recruitment Information Form (RIF) is the primary and official recommendation form established by Chi Omega Fraternity. One RIF per Potential New Member is strongly recommended. The information provided in the RIF is reviewed by the university Chi Omega Chapter Recruitment Team prior to the start of Recruitment.

• You will need the PNM's social resume and digital portrait photo (smaller than 350 KBin .jpg format) emailed to you. Save these documents into a file labeled with the PNM’s name on your computer.  (Have the PNM check with their photographer if they need a better understanding of the digital photo requirement.)

• Make sure your online profile is up-to-date at the National website everyday.chiomega.com

• On your profile page, under the section headed RECRUITMENT INFORMATION, find the link for Submit an Online Recruitment Information Form (RIF), click this link

• Click on Create New RIF.

There are 8 input screens, PLEASE complete each data field as completely as possible – contact the PNM if you need further information, i.e. mother’s email address is important in case the PNM pledges Chi Omega then we are able to contact her about the Chi Omega Mothers Club and their activities. It is to the PNM’s advantage to have a fully completed RIF.  Please contact the PNM to obtain information that may be absent from her social resume.

• Complete Information in POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER INFORMATION window – up load photo of PNM (browse to find the folder with the PNM’s name on it that you previously created). To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

• Complete PARENT INFORMATION. To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

• Complete COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY ATTENDING. To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

• Complete PRIOR COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY – only necessary if the PNM is a transfer student. To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

• Complete HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

• Complete CHI OMEGA RELATIONSHIPS – click Search the Chi Omega Directory to find and confirm Chi Omega relationships, if you cannot find the Chi Omega relative you are searching for contact National. To move to the next window, click NEXT button.


• Complete OTHER INFORMATION – the information submitted here is important! This information can be copy and pasted from the PNM’s social resume that you have saved in a file on your computer.  Prioritize activities, accomplishments, etc. by listing the most important/recent FIRST.

  • COMMUNITY SERVICE/PHILANTHROPY – e.g. mission trips, work with Relay for Life, Wounded Warrior Project, local Houston Food Bank affiliate
  • HIGH SCHOOL OR OTHER ACTIVITIES – sports, theater, student government, extracurricular activities, summer camps attended
  • OTHER INFORMATION (NOT INCLUDED ABOVE) – any other pertinent and relevant information (her best friend is a Chi O at another university, she speaks 2 languages, etc).  This is the best location for your personal endorsement of this PNM.

To move to the next window, click NEXT button.

RECOMMENDATION – under Additional Comments explain why this PNM fulfills the Six Purposes of Chi Omega and why she would be a great Sister.  This field is limited to 300 characters.

• At this point, you may click Save if you are not quite finished with the RIF or if you are certain you have provided all the information required then click Submit Completed Form.

Online RIF Tips

  • Chi Omega National created a useful webinars to help you with the Online RIF process. You will first login to the national website by clicking here, Scroll down to your TRAINING AND RESOURCE CENTER. Locate the search box in the upper right hand corner and use search term “RIF. Several resources will be available, including the Online RIF FAQ for Alumnae and Online RIF User Manual for Alumnae.

YOU ARE FINISHED! You will receive an immediate email confirmation from the National Headquarters that your RIF has been received.


All RIFS are due by May 1 for Schools with Either Fall or Spring Recruitment Schedules.



An important change for 2014-2015 is that Letters of Support are submitted via e-mail. They should not be submitted via the online RIF system. Please read this guide carefully for complete instructions.

You will need the Potential New Member’s social resume to complete a Letter of Support (LOS). The RIF is the primary Recruitment document while the LOS lends an endorsement to the qualifications of the PNM. Chi Omega chapters that utilize LOS often recommend 2 LOS for each PNM.

The purpose of a Letter of Support (LOS) is to provide insight and matching tips to the chapter for Recruitment. (For example, Sally attended Camp Wahoo for 8 years and knows Cindy, Lisa and Carrie in the chapter. Sally is an accomplished equestrienne and has competed across the country. She is well- acquainted with the chapter president.)

The LOS should be submitted via email to the appropriate Chi Omega Recruitment Advisor. The LOS should be written in the body of an email, and not sent as a separate attachment. Please add the address of recruitment@chiomegahouston.com as a cc (carbon copy) recipient for each Letter of Support that you write.

Every chapter’s roster of Recruitment Advisors may be found by logging into the secure national website and then accessing the Recruitment Advisor roster. The roster is presented in alpha order by state name: Follow this link everyday.chiomega.com/recruitmentadvisors.aspx

IMPORTANT NOTE: Recruitment Advisors should NOT be directly contacted by alumnae regarding recruitment progress by a PNM. Such contact could result in a recruitment violation and jeopardize the recruitment options for the PNM. Should you have any questions, please contact The Houston Alumnae Recruitment Board at recruitment@chiomegahouston.com.

LOS Tips for your e-mail

  • Please include PNM’s Full Name, University and High School attended in the Subject Line of your email. Remember to add recruitment@chiomegahouston.com as a cc recipient.
  • A LOS should be no more than 3-5 paragraphs long. It should exceed no more than 1 typed page.
  • Use proper letter writing protocol, by including your name, initiation chapter and year of initiation, contact phone number and email address at the close of the letter.
  • LOS should be submitted to the Chi Omega Chapter’s Recruitment Advisor by May 1st.

YOU ARE FINISHED!  You will not automatically receive an email confirmation for submitting an Online Letter of Support. The purpose of submitting a copy of your letter to the Recruitment Board is to ensure that there is a back-up of your Letter of Support that is available locally, if needed.


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